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Macayla Burkett is no ordinary private eye. She’s a pet detective, dedicated to tracking down missing dogs and cats. When two famous racing greyhounds disappear and turn up dead, Macayla finds herself in the midst of a much more serious case. And when the thieves target her and threaten her life, she realizes she’s in grave danger—until a ridiculously handsome stranger enters the picture …

Oliver Kelly may look like a male stripper, but his muscles aren’t just for show. The gorgeous Australian is co-owner of a K-9 Search and Rescue service dedicated to saving those in danger. When he and his K-9 partner, an Australian shepherd named Jackeroo, rescue the fiery detective from trouble, the sparks begin to fly. And when they join forces to stop a widespread case of animal theft, it unleashes a torrent of passion that’s impossible to tame…

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May 30
St. Martin's Publishing Group

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I enjoyed this one! It's a bit different and slightly silly at times but it was very entertaining. Macayla Burkett is working as a pet detective. What exactly is a pet detective you ask? She spends her days looking for lost pets and returning them to their owners. While searching for missing greyhounds, she witnesses a violent incident. She doesn't realize how much trouble she's stumbled upon until she finds herself as a target. Oliver Kelly is a world renowned SAR specialist. When he first sees Macayla digging through the dumpster he assumes she's hungry and offers to buy her breakfast. The reality is she's trying to coax a pup out into the open. Macayla takes one look at Oliver and assumes he's a male stripper. And this is how their fun and crazy relationship starts. It's all fun until they both realize that Macayla is in danger.

I have to admit being from Tampa it was fun reading about all the places around the area. Still the story itself was entertaining and I would recommend this one.

Roses and lilies ,

Physical Forces

I have read and ENJOYED the WHOLE SERIES! These books are ones you CAN'T put down once you start reading except to be up until you finish! They are ALL an all nighter! You fall in love with the handler and the dog!!


If you love...

dogs, you will love these books. Service dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes are indeed humanities best friend. Each story deals with a different breed and different type of working dog from search and rescue to military or police dogs. You get an inside view of the human and dog relationship and the passion they have for each other.

Combine a good, dangerous situation with trainers or handlers and you have the king of story you can't put down.

I can't give details of the plot, I'm known in my family for saying too much. I will say that D. D. Ayers always leaves me anxiously waiting for the next adventure.

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