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Many students consider Physics one of the most challenging sciences. We think it is only because there has been little effort to explain it in a way that people can understand, until now. Packed with colorful images and interactivity from cover to close, our first Physics installment provides concepts that are easy to understand.

Since it is equivalent in difficulty to a college level course, expect problems that challenge your reasoning and analytical skills like never before. In the end you will gain a richer understanding of how mathematics, specifically Calculus, combines with science to explain the world around us.

Topics covered include:

Kinematics (aka throwing balls and rocks into the air)




Rotational Motion (everything going in circles)

Thermodynamics (hot and cold)

Fluids (yes, gas is a fluid too)


Harmonic Motion

April 14
Omninox, LLC

Customer Reviews

Troubled College Student ,

Great Overview but want More!

It's definitely a good book as it covers over all the big topics with good explanations and a lot of example problems. Lots of interactivity and pictures, makes it almost seem like a study guide. If there was one thing that I could ask for to make this book even better, is to put more interactivity.

I want to be able to write out the problems on the screen itself!!! Hopefully, they update it soon. But other than that, it's a good book at a great price for the amount of material it covers. Worth it!

Tom Jefferies ,

Good, but waiting for an update like their calculus book

This book is good too, but the content is still lacking in comparison to their current calculus guide, which I'm assuming means that they will be releasing it soon. I looked on their website and it said they were going to have an update coming up so maybe that's it.

Overall tho, the book has great examples with decent images, but I'm patiently waiting as they implement the same interactive features like on their calculus guide.

PhysKid1 ,


This book was surprisingly helpful. Our professor has us using a textbook which is just so lengthy and boring, but this book was a lot easier to learn from. I also liked the quizzes they had in each section, it helped me make sure I understood the material.

The book does look a bit rough. Some of the formatting was just weird, and a few images seem to be drawn in marker? Still, it made physics really easy to understand, so it did its job.