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The Complete Learning Experience of Professional Piano Lessons + Explainer Videos by A Trained Piano Teacher 

Have you always wanted to play the piano, but didn't know where to start?

Maybe you never got the chance as a kid?

Or maybe you haven't played the piano in years and are looking for a refresher?

Well then look no further because this book is perfect for you...

Traditionally, piano lessons have been very boring. They often leave people frustrated and feeling like they're not learning quickly enough.

Stop burning through your time and start the real playing with this book and it's bonus videos. It's practically impossible to fail and far less expensive than private piano lessons. (Full size piano not required!) 

The lessons build on skills one by one and what is unique is that each lesson includes bonus videos to really guarantee you learn everything you need to play the piano. It's like having a teacher in the room with you, but you set the pace.

By doing the various exercises, watching videos and putting in the time, you will be able to play songs, from very simple, to popular hit songs in no time.

In this book you will discover: 
Essential Music Theory & Glossary Of TermsFinger Exercises (We All Need Them)Identify All The Piano NotesEasily Form Or Play Original MelodiesPlay Songs - From Very Simple To ComplexExclusive Videos To Complete The Learning Experience  Chord Formulas - How To Form Chords Play by Ear or Reading Music (it's easier this way)
And much, much more.. 

Imagine being able to sit at the piano and play beautiful, entertaining music. The joy and reward that playing the piano brings is unmatched. 

So if you're ready to Start Playing The Piano then Read This Book. 

(Go ahead, your never too old to try)

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August 3
Tommy Swindali
Draft2Digital, LLC

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