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Book 1 Reuben James -- James Wilsons paternal father, Reuben James, has passed away, and he returns to his home town to pay his last respects and say goodbye. While there he discovers a diary that reveals who his real mother and father are and other startling facts.

Book 2 Big Iron -- Texas Red botched the robbery job in Portal, Arizona and killed his younger brother. Now Darrin Liggett is tracking him and his gang down to bring them to justice. All the way to the town of Agua Fria he rode with the big iron on his hip.

Book 3 School Bus Lovers -- Randy Wilcox has started having marital problems and has just started a new job as a school bus driver. While there he is given other duties and advanced training making him an invaluable employee. During this period he has fallen in love with and has numerous affairs with his new protegee.

Book 4 I never Picked Cotton -- When he was just a baby, too little for a cotton sack, Alan played in the dirt while the others worked til they couldnt straighten up their backs. He made himself a promise, when he was big enough to run, that he would never stay a single day in that oklahoma sun. From then on it was fast cars and whiskey, long haired girls and fun. Alan had everything that money could bring and he took it all with a gun.

Book 5 Long Black Veil -- Ten years ago on a cold dark night, there was someone killed beneath the town hall light. There were few at the scene but they all agreed the slayer who ran looked a lot like me. Now ten years later the new sheriff wants the murder reopened and investigated.

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October 20
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