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A cat series cartoon book with animal adventures.

Oliver is an elegant tuxedo cat, who is full of himself. As a matter of fact he says: “I love myself!”, quite often. Naughty, isn’t he? But his best friend Jumpy, a kangaroo lady, is aware that he has a soft heart and will always want to help others. The great thing is Jumpy’s pouch, which Oliver loves to ride in! He calls her his kangaroo taxi! These little bedtime stories with their lovely illustrations are great for small kids. A parent can read the text and tell the child in his own words. These animal stories have sufficient text to keep early readers happy and provide some educational value. Love you all! Meow!
Story 4: Monkey Island – There is lots of fun on the island, but also some dangerous developments.
Story 5: Fairy Castle – Our friends visit the fairy's glass castle.
Story 6: Treasure Hunt – Hunting for a treasure and so much fun on the way.

October 28
Werner Stejskal
INscribe Digital

Customer Reviews

authoramyshan ,

Great Stories

Story 4: Monkey Island. Jumpy is the kangaroo. Oliver is the cat. Together, along with Jumpy's joey, Joey, they embark on a slow trip to Monkey Island, aboard a hippo and when they get there, they encounter some naughty monkeys. Story 5: Fairy Castle. Traveling underground with Molly the mole, Jumpy, Joey and Oliver make their way to Fairy Castle. The fairies celebrated the arrival of the strangers with a dance. Story 6: Treasure Hunt. Finding a treasure map in an secret desk drawer, Oliver, Jumpy and Joey went on another grand adventure. Each story is quaint, engaging, and easy reads for children, whether they are reading the story or being read to. The graphics are remarkable. Both the text and the graphics match and tell the story. Well written and any child will love each of the stories. I like how the stories are told by Oliver's perspective. It's a unique way to share a child's story.

MelissaRob37 ,

Wonderful Children’s Stories!

We get to join Oliver and Jumpy once again on Monkey Island, Fairy Castle, and hear all about their Treasure Hunt. One great thing about the Oliver and Jumpy stories is there is typically 3 books in one. So you’re essentially getting 3 stories, and at a great price I might add. The illustrations here are..WOW. Dazzling. I definitely recommend.

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