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They’ve helped orchestrate the perfect day for countless couples. Now twelve new couples will find themselves in the wedding spotlight in the second Year of Weddings novella collection.

When image becomes everything, it’s up to love to refocus the heart.

Photographer Jenna Harrison wants every bride and groom to look picture perfect on their special day, putting her heart into every wedding to give the couple memorable images of their love. But her own heart is still broken, the unworn wedding dress hanging in her closet a reminder that relationships aren't always as perfect as they look through her camera lens. But Jenna has faith that she will find true love. Until then, she must be patient and trust in God's plan and His perfect timing.

Attorney Ashton Vance is the one that got away.  When an embarrassing Photoshopped picture of put an end to his political aspirations, he blamed Jenna. So what if the photo led to his being offered a dream job and changing his life for the better? Jenna betrayed his trust, and two years later, Ashton's heart still hasn't recovered. 

It was me. His younger sister's three words turn Ashton's world upside down. He must ask Jenna’s forgiveness, but can he risk his heart a second time? Even if Jenna can forgive him, dare he hope for a second chance at her love?  

May 26

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Unbound Passion ,

A Cute, Quick and CLEAN Read.

** Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review. **

Judging a Book by it's Cover:
All-neutral coloration lacks a depth or complexity found in other covers. Perhaps it's simple, straightforward and clean appearance is indicative of what's beyond the cover. However, when words like "bland", "boring" and/or "vanilla" pop into mind, you have to hope that this is *not* an indicator to what's between the sheets. The synopsis sounds interesting enough and I do enjoy second-chance stories.
Looking Deeper:
They were engaged only after a brief acquaintance and he cancelled the wedding in spectacular fashion, leaving her in financial ruin. Two years later, he realizes that he was misinformed and terribly wrong to have dumped the only woman he's ever loved, but can she forgive and trust him enough to allow him a second chance?
This is an Inspirational Romance in third-person POV. Not a book I'd normally choose to read of my own accord, but I agreed to read it for a wonderful lady that I'd like to consider a friend. The lead characters are not inhumanly perfect, they have flaws and make mistakes - and they are trying to learn from them and become better people. Strong and mature, regardless all they've been through. It's not often that I actually like the female lead better, but in this case I kind of did for the simple fact that he was seriously a jerk for what he did to her to begin with! The secondary characters are a fortifying addition, although I was *not* a fan of Amber. Dialogue and Interaction is very good: age-appropriate, smart. natural feeling. The plot is a little one-dimensional, but this is more of a novella than a full-length novel, so I'm not too surprised by the lack of complexity and depth. There is a strong and deep focus and root in religion and faith within this book. The writing style allows the story to move along at a smooth pace. Predictability is on average with books like this; minor but not detracting. The conclusion is wrapped up in a solid manner. Overall, it's a cute, quick and clean read.
Heat Level: 1 [G] ~ Score: 3.9 ~ Stars: 4

momof3boysj ,

beautiful story

The last thing Jenna expected was her ex-fiance` showing up at her door two years after he broke off their engagement at the rehearsal. And Ashton's request for her to be the photographer at his sister's wedding was an even bigger surprise. Ashton revealed he learned the truth and was seeking forgiveness. Jenna let him known he was forgiven, but she still wasn't able to help him. After Jenna let him know the hardships she had faced over the past two years, he offered financial atonement. Needing the money, and knowing that perhaps this was something in God's Plan not-yet-revealed, Jenna reluctantly agreed, with a condition for Ashton to volunteer in her church's youth group activity.

Little by little, Ashton and Jenna kept being thrown together, and through that, forging a friendship. But, when an issue of trust comes up again, Jenna feels her heart tested. Once again, truth is revealed and Jenna and Ashton must learn that love isn't easy--sometimes it's messy, forgiveness must be complete and without reservation, and trusting God to help one find His Plan isn't easy, but it is necessary for a "picture perfect love."

This story reminds us how important it is to let God's Plan work through the messy stuff in life in order to find the long term love with a partner. Forgiveness and trust are as essential as love, and Walking in Faith will get each of us through anything. I highly recommend this beautifully written story!

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