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It’s been six months since Jacque Lupei was imprisoned in the dark forest with her female pack mates, wondering if they would ever see their mates again. Six months since she and Fane found out that Jen and Decebel would not be the only couple adding a new pup to the pack. Six months of peace and quiet…other than Jen running her mouth incessantly about Sally getting to go on an adventure with Peri while she has to miss all the fun. When she isn’t complaining about that, she spends her time commenting on how Jacque’s butt is getting wider by the minute. Jacque doesn’t know it, but the reprieve was about to be over. She and Fane thought his demons had been dealt with, but the nightmares are back and the In-Between is once again ripping a hole inside of her mate.
Jacque can’t stand to see him hurting. She can’t stand knowing that in some way she was responsible for his struggle because she, after all, was the subject of his pain from the In-Between. She’ll do anything to stop his turmoil. So she makes a desperate decision to do what she thinks her mate needs, or doesn’t need. Others will call it insane. Jen will add her own creative descriptions, including expletives thrown in for added effect. Whatever you call it, Jacque calls it an answer to the darkness that is slowly consuming her mate.
She knows that if Fane has any idea of what she has planned, he would chain her to his side. So, naturally she does what any female Canis lupus would do in her shoes--she shuts down the bond and prays that no one gets in her way. She knows he might never forgive her, but then, if her plan works, he won’t even remember her name.

Young Adult
June 12
Quinn Loftis
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

kc girl ⭐️ ,


This book is amazing! I’m so happy for Jacque and Fane! This is so awesome, can’t believe how far they’ve all come since meeting Fane and all the other Romanian hotties!😭 Still haven’t gotten mine yet though 😔 Nice job Quinn! I love all of your books , but my favorite by far is #4. I don’t know how you do it but your books always seem to come to life, and inspire me so much. You give your readers a lot of humor , romance, action, and mystery that helps us all through a lot. Thank you Quinn you are an amazing person and writer , and I can’t wait to buy your next book because I know that it will be just as memorable, hilarious, action packed , and inspiring as the last. Thanks again!😭- KC girl ( Kayla g.)

86Amysss86 ,

Piercing Silence

This is a short story about Fane and Jacque. Must be read in order to fully enjoy. It’s full of laughter and struggle as they work on their relationship and doing what’s best for both of them together. I was glad to see them more as a couple and what they were going through. Can’t wait to read more of this series.

No adobe ,

piercing silence

so happy for lily!!!

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