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Pig is a remarkable French Bulldog with the ability to, quite nearly, transform both posture and personality into a menagerie of animals before your very eyes. Whether on land or by sea, from safari to barnyard, Pig is one peculiar dog.

August 12
Mary-Catherine Mellon
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Customer Reviews

Michael McNeil ,

Hysterically Sweet Anytime Story for Animal Lovers

If you own or just love dogs, this book about French Bulldogs is perfect for families and kids (big and small, alike.) The simply sweet and hysterical descriptions of Pig, the French Bulldog, as he transforms ring true for anyone who has a special bond with their pets. The illustrations are adorable and magical all at the same time. Perfect for putting the kids to bed-or waking up
and reading to your pup on a Saturday morning. Must-have iPad "coffee table" book in my house!

Jeff Langum ,

Stupendous Children's Book! Marvelous, fun and so original!

The day we got the book, my children could not put it down! They read it over and over and continue to do so day after day. Such a delightful and whimsical story of Pig (the dog), who is so many things at any given time, and he becomes instantly relatable to kids as they start to see their own pets alter-egos, in Pig, which is both a charming discovery for them and so much fun. This book is a perfectly adorable illustration of childlike magic, as Pig becomes animal after animal right in front of their eyes. Get this book for the smiles and pure joy it will bring to your own kids, or keep it for yourself as a fanciful reminder of the many reasons why we love our own pets and their curious behaviors, but most of all, just get it; and let Pig's wonderful world become part of yours.

Myke77 ,

A great gift for children aged 1-92

What do you do when you have a dog that makes you laugh every day? What do you do if you have a dog that has more personality and charm than any other dog? If you are author Mary-Catherine Mellon, you capture the fun and the zaniness of Piglet in a sweet and heartfelt book that will bring you joy each and every time you read it. Yes, I may have a built in bias towards the author and her subject, but I also can honestly recommend this book to anyone who loves their pet.