Pillars of Light Pillars of Light

Pillars of Light

Stories of Goddess Activations

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The Goddesses have been trampled out of temples, written out of text and taken out of History. The world is imbalanced because of this, and the Goddesses are needed now more than ever. Join us as we unravel the tight grip of the patriarchy to resurrect the Goddesses back onto Earth and into the Golden Age.

Discover seventeen Goddess Archetypes through women who experienced Goddess Activations™ as they unravel feminine pain of old paradigms, transforming their journey into triumphant holders of Pillars of Light. Goddess Activations™ is a living light frequency, an original healing modality by Radhaa Nilia. Goddess Code Academy is the home of Goddess Activations™, a mystical school for the Divine Feminine. 

A rich and soulful book. A fusion of feminine compelling and insightful personal stories that set the feminine spirit free. This book is educational, entertaining, and provocative. The stories in this book are raw and real experiences, and a reminder that there is nothing you can't overcome with the Goddesses as your ally.  As you step into the temple doors to the realm of the Goddesses you too will receive activations to what's possible when you come home to the arms of the Goddess.  A must-read book for anyone on their healing journey who desires to connect with the Goddess.

Join Radhaa Nilia and Contributing Writers, Hilda Zamora, Danielle Schreck, Maya Verzonilla, Anna Lieberman, Abigail Diaz Juan, Alanna Starr Shimel, Raziel F. Arcega, Angelica M., Shakti Devi, Brenda Lainof, Y'Shell Esta, Michelle Lopez, Lori Santo, Kory Muniz, Michelle L. Casto, Blossom Rountree and Cover Art by Jon Marro.

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