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Pink Pursuits contains the suspense-filled cases of fictional female Pinkerton detectives in three separate novels from Elizabeth A. Miller’s, Pinkerton Detective Series. Rich with real historical figures and details, A Pink Lady, Pink Revenge and The Pink Traitor center on new Pinkerton agent, Amanda Brown.

A simple girl from a backwater Missouri town, Amanda left her broken dreams behind in Copper Creek. Hoping for a new beginning, she follows Pinkerton agent Christopher Garrety to Chicago with the promise she will become Chris’ new partner and perhaps something more. But when she is sent to Washington D.C. on her first assignment, political intrigue sparks the assassination of President Garfield and ignites a storm of destruction for famed detective Allan Pinkerton and his agency.

Faced with the bitter betrayal of a trusted colleague, Amanda and her fellow agents begin an exhaustive hunt to bring the traitor to justice. Their search takes them to Mexico where their expectations of solving one case draws them into a private war instigated twenty years earlier by a secret society known as the Knights of the Golden Circle. Bent on murdering President Lincoln before his inauguration, the KGC’s failure to stop Lincoln forged a bitter feud that has allowed the seeds of sedition and revenge to take root. As a result, Amanda and her partners are ensnared in a dangerous game of retribution where no one’s survival is certain.

How will the threads of past, present and future resolve themselves? Read Pink Pursuits and discover the answer to this intriguing mystery series for yourself.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 7
Elizabeth A. Miller
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