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In a little town somewhere in Italy lived a friendly old carpenter called Geppetto. And this is the story of that good man and his son - Pinocchio. Now in the town all the girls and boys knew that old Geppetto had a way with toys. With his clever hands he made wonderful things like dolls and trains and birds with wings, for the people who know how to make the best toys are the ones who really love you girls and boys. But Geppetto himself had no children of his own and it made him feel sad that he lived alone.

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January 1
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Good good bueno butt ,

Deserving of its title “A Classic”

Pinocchio is story about what it means to be loving when it’s so easy to be thoughtless and rude.
This story is for children to learn from and adults to be reminded by. Children to learn how to be honest and hardworking. And adults to remember the childlike joy that comes from striving still, through thick and thin, to be honest and hardworking.
Beautifully but simply written, this is a quick yet wonderfully awe inspiring read.
A book that only by experiencing, so you understand why it’s stood the test of time.
I Thank it’s late author Carlo Collodi for giving us such wonderfully crafted story, that is art.
And I implore myself and others to take the advice that Pinocchio gives and live a life worth lived.

troySalty ,

Illustrations are unnecessary

A great story from start to finish. All children should be read this tale.

M3gan()• ,

Must-read Classic

Most of us are familiar with the children's movie produced by Disney, but many are unfamiliar with its origin. It has an intriguing plot and fascinating characters. This is an excellent read.

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