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Immerse Yourself In 1860’s Frontier Montana with the O’Rourke Family!

Sensible Kevin O’Rourke does not believe in ghosts, in love at first sight, or in the happily-ever-after type of love. Instead, he is convinced only hard work, dedication to family, and self-sacrifice will bring contentment. When he meets Aileen O’Keefe on the steamboat trip from Saint Louis to Fort Benton, Montana Territory, his world is turned upside down as quickly as she nearly tumbles into the Missouri River. After spending a few moments in her company, he knows his life will never be the same. Although warned to guard his heart, he is drawn to Aileen, enthralled by her joy and the future he envisions with her. 

Aileen O’Keefe knows she is not the sort of woman to captivate handsome Kevin O’Rourke. Charmed by his attentiveness, she is unable to hide her mutual attraction to him, although she knows it is disastrous. For Aileen has a secret. One that will forever separate them. Due to a bargain made by her aunt, their time on the steamboat must be all they can ever share.

Upon arriving in Fort Benton, Kevin discovers that ghosts can return from the dead, love can endure years of hardship, and that his hope for a future with the woman he loves is worth every sacrifice. Aileen must adjust to the rough frontier town as she reconciles herself to the betrayal of one who she had trusted. She must learn to believe in herself so that she can have the confidence to have faith in Kevin’s love.

Can Kevin convince Aileen to trust in the strength of their love or will Aileen turn to another for the fulfillment of her dreams?

Discover the O’Rourke Family Montana Saga set in the frontier town of Fort, Benton, Montana Territory! Follow as each sibling forgives childhood heartbreak, discovers love, and finds their happily ever after!

The O’Rourke Family Montana Saga

Pioneer Dream

Pioneer Desire –Coming April 2020

Pioneer Yearning –Coming May 2020 

Pioneer Longing—Coming Soon!

Pioneer Bliss—Coming Soon!

March 3
Grizzly Damsel Publishing
Ramona Flightner

Customer Reviews

Old guy in Fla ,

Pioneer Dream by Ramona Flightner

Ms Flightner’s new series about the emigration of the O’Roarke Family from Ireland to Montana via Montreal in 1865 is one I’ll keep reading. As multitudes of Americans, my family also arrived from another country - in my case it was Scotland! I love the pioneer spirit of this loving, close-knit Family, their adventures, triumphs & intense sorrow. You’ll meet the mail order bride arranged by patriarch Seamus for one of his sons, & a 2-month trip on a steamship!! Enjoy the beginning of the O’Roarke saga by buying Pioneer Dream - you’ll be entranced with this & all of Ramona Flightner’s novels - get started today!👍😍.

Carol R.
Florida USA

Miche426 ,

So great could not put down

Kevin O’Rourke thought he had seen a ghost, his mother was dead and the woman disappeared into the crowd. His older brother Ardan clasped him on the shoulder, and also looked into the crowd. But their mother had been dead 18 yrs with a sister. On the steamboat Kevin caught a young women who was falling and kept her from falling overboard. They introduced themselves as someone shouted for her to come along. Kevin just happened to sit next to her at dinner found out she was on her was to be married. But they liked each other and Kevin never thought he would find someone who intrigued him like Miss o’Keeffe. As Kevin and Ardan lay in their bunks that night This is Just The Very Basic Beginning to a wonderfully suspenseful romantic engaging love story I just couldn’t put down....I loved this with a wonderfully delightful plot with engaging characters. I was given this and I voluntarily leave this review.

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