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Pistol's Promise is book 1 of The Brethren MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Pistol's Rage and Pistol's Claim are available everywhere now!

I'm back to claim what's mine.

If she wasn't a mother by the time I came home,

I swore I'd give her the baby she wanted.

But Lisa forgot my promise and my face – until I stormed back into her life.

And she realized something about me is all too familiar.


She's the unplucked flower from my broken youth.

And I'm coming to finish the job.

Lisa Tallbrook doesn't remember me, but I've never forgotten her.

Time has treated her well.

Drew curves where none were before, painted a glistening sheen to her flowing hair.

Made her all the more delicious to look at and touch.

But the years haven't been as gentle to me.

They've added tattoos to my back, scars to my fists, and some bloody stains on my soul that will never go away.

In fact, Lisa doesn't even recognize the boy who left her so long ago.

All she sees when she looks at me is a savage biker eager to score.

Hell, she might even be right.

I'm certainly hungry to bind her in my bed.

But she's not just another notch on my belt.

She's the prize I've been denied the whole time I've been on the road.

And I'm tired of waiting.

I'm back in town on MC business, but I think I can afford a midnight distraction.

Tonight, I'll make my childhood sweetheart my own.

And I'll fulfill the promise I made way back then:

To put my baby in her womb.

She'll never forget me again.

December 3
MBK Hanson Inc.
MBK Hanson Inc.

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straighttalker198 ,


This is like 2 pages for a good book. This book should be used to start a fire, it might be its only use. The author wasn’t able to develop good characters, a believable plot or any feasible parts of a book.

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