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Meet The Pitbulls! 

Mercedes - I love Cameron. And, I love everything about the drug game. I don't even have a problem with my son Lil C being put on when he's ready. I'm that down chick men dream about. But, if pushed I have an evil streak too. Believe it. 

Kenyetta -  I'm easy going. You know the kinda girl who doesn't like a whole lot of drama. But I m also loyal. To a fault. But when needed, I also know how to flip the script. As long as Dyson is loyal to me I m care free. But if not, well...that's another story. 

Yvette -  I run Emerald City! These n****s betta respect me like they respect my man Thick! I ain't got no problem busting my gun if I have to. But at the end of the night, I'm still a woman. Who needs to be loved. But sometimes I think he forgets. 

Carissa - I'm the cute one. The one they wouldn't expect to break bad. Sometimes I think my beauty is my curse. At the same time, it's what drew Lavelle to me. I'm still down for my girls, no matter what. I just hope I don t have to choose between them and my man. Pray for me. 

Meet The Emerald City Squad 

Cameron - I just wanna make this paper, stay on my grind and take care of my family. I just hate when Mercedes keeps pushing me about moving her out of Emerald City. Hell she got everything a hustler's wife could dream of. So what's the problem? 

Dyson - I m not feeling the exclusive thing. I mean, I'll defend what's mine, but sometimes I want to be set free. You know, to do my own thing. So if asked to choose the money or my woman for me it'll be a toss up. We ll see. 

Thick - Sometimes my squad is too soft! I hate that they trip off of what their women say. We have an operation to run. If I'm asked to choose between the paper or Yvette my decision is made. I can live without a woman, but I can t live without that old mighty dollar. 

Lavelle - I m not a sucker for love. I just care about my girl. I hate that it's is all or nothing with my crew. I guess I m riding stuff out and trying to believe our motto. The Emerald City Squad For Life.

Fiction & Literature
February 8
The Cartel Publications
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