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Mack and Enzo are roommates and nothing more. While sharing the same apartment, they live separate lives. Enzo is sweet but painfully shy. Mack is gruff and kind of intimidating. He's had a hard life and doesn't let his guard down easily.
Now Mack is anticipating a lonely Thanksgiving dinner, but Enzo won't let that happen. When he hears that Mack is going to be all alone for Thanksgiving, he gets up the courage to make him an offer. But things don't go as planned in more ways than one.
With the best of intentions, Enzo has woken up something in Mack that he might not be ready for. Can Mack stop hiding and holding back? When Enzo asks for too much from him, can he say yes anyway?

Fiction & Literature
October 24
Trina Solet
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

hubbabbubbahhz ,

discovering a pizza Thanksgiving “BOYFRIEND” …

A shy, slim, thin and skinny, “cute twink” - gay boy, Enzo - a “fairy” … unlikely thrust together, pitted more than paired against his roomie, a dark and brooding, handsomely masculine “muscled gorgeous hunk” - “manly” Mack, becoming mis-matched room mates by a chance lottery, sharing a third floor two bedroom apartment while attending University - their relationship as room-mates is like a civil-war “Mason-Dixon” defensive battle-field division truce.

Trina Solent serves … “UP” - a delightfully humorous Thanksgiving Day encounter between to wonderful characters in her fun story - truly a tale of discovery between two complete opposite personalities and physical types … who have been sharing a “defensive” living space in toleration of each other’s boundary rules !!!

A wonderful passionate romantic story … love, just, look away … a defensive truce, for just one day, and the consequences of a “peace treaty” in sharing a lonely … easy day … together … for a “Thanksgiving” … “Feast” …

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