Plan of Action

Navigating a Life of Change, Work, and Faith

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Publisher Description

A practical guide and compass to creating a life with purpose, full of timeless wisdom from a successful agriculture CEO and leader who navigated his own transitions toward action with meaning.

Most people live with no plan until they come to a day when they question everything. Money, status, power . . . suddenly all pale in comparison to the need for meaning. At that point, getting a plan is everything.

Randy Linville was CEO of a global company when he came to his struggle between money and meaning. This is the story of what he learned on the road to true purpose and satisfaction. Don't expect a typical CEO memoir. Plan of Action is less about Linville's career than the accumulated wisdom that got him through it and is taking him beyond.

From a front-row seat in the business world, and with spiritual insight that transcends business, readers of Plan of Action gain practical wisdom in a refreshing perspective. Linville reveals how a Kansas farmer's son became CEO of a global company . . . and a cynic became a believer. 

Plan of Action chapters form four sections: Reboot, Resolve, Respond, and Recharge:


1. Dream Again: An End to Smoldering Discontentment

2. Learn to Pray: This Day and in Eternity

3. Innovate: Old Steps, New Dance


4. Choose: God's Will and Your Call 

5. Be Intentional: In Writing

6. Focus: Right Work, Right Time


7. Go Together: The Outsized Power of Shared Purpose

8. Be Bold: Do Things That Take Your Breath Away

9. Master the Daily: Readiness is Stewardship


10. Pause to Advance: Look, Listen, Rest

11. Pay Wisdom Forward: Leave More Than Silence 

12. Practice Gratitude: Of Masters, Mentors, and Peers

Plan of Action is ideal for college graduates just beginning their careers and for the mid-career executive wanting purpose-filled work. Christian business leaders, pastors, ministry leaders, life coaches, and career counselors will all find Plan of Action a helpful resource for themselves-and for the colleagues, students, mentees, and friends they counsel.

Plan of Action is an indispensable compass-a guidebook of leading voices and hard-won markers on the road to dreams that come true and stay that way.

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May 18
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