Planes Trains & Sinking Boats

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A wonderful collection of true-life travel tales. If you have bad luck and think that your holidays are cursed, think again. Stephen Liddell has spent more than a decade backpacking across the U.K. Europe and the Middle East. Cars blowing up, boats sinking, gun toting police wanting bribes and much more.

A raucously funny travelogue for those who think the best part of travelling is from the comfort of your own chair.

One of my great loves is travelling. I have never been on an ordinary beach holiday and instead prefer to go off the beaten track.
If there is familiar food, people speaking English and the hint of comfort then it really isn't for me. However if there is the chance that everything will go wrong. Or that the food is strange or even better simply bad enough to make you ill. Most of all if there is a chance of mishaps, disasters or even accidental death then you can bet that I want to be there, if I haven't been already.
'Planes, Trains & Sinking Boats' is a humorous travelogue that can take you places and situations that are fun to read but a nightmare to live through!
Whether it is repeatedly sinking on the Nile and unable to swim. Stuck in an abandoned WW1 mine-field in France. Camping in the wettest spot in Europe or having to bribe your way to the church altar in Romania then this book has it along with lots of other true-life adventures that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.
If you like funny travel stories, travelogues with a hint of adventure and farcical situations when good times go bad then Planes, Trains & Sinking Boats is for you.

I've always enjoyed travelling and getting off the beaten track away from the crowds and the beaches. The problem with adventure and going off the beaten track though is that things can and do go wrong, sometimes hilariously, sometimes dangerously but ALWAYS unexpectedly!
Planes, Trains and Sinking Boats is a collection of funny travel stories from my camping, backpacking and overland travel across the U.K. all of Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East.
When things go wrong is the ending point for most holidays but with me, it is the starting point from which things get fascinating. If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to sink on the Nile when you can't swim, live with Beduin, camp in the wettest place in Europe or backpack on a severe budget, then Planes Trains and Sinking Boats is the funny travelogue for you.

Travel & Adventure
January 1
Stephen Liddell
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