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Planeteering is Book 5 of the Pedro the Water Dog Saves the Planet series, a novella-rama length (short novel) environmental climate adventure (cli fi), filled with lovable, quirky characters in a candy wrapper of laughter, irreverence, kisses, friendship, satire, adventure racing and love.

On a global One More Year tour of the greenest countries to reduce overconsumption, Tilly and Camas discover orienteering. Between running through forests and over streams and mountains, an Icelandic sage suggests Tilly also visits the least environmental countries. Orienteering leads Camas to adventure racing. She competes on a team with three smelly men in the Parklands Enviro-Climate Challenge, a televised adventure race covering ten national parks in twenty-one days that tests her strength, relationships, and spirit. With the help of a spunky Bohemian activist, a rhyming green lobbyist, and an ancient Harvard professor, who are working to stop racial injustice with the passage of a Green Amendment, Camas reveals fossil fuel threats looming over each of the nation’s natural treasures.

“In these wonderful stories, Kalfsbeek addresses important environmental issues through the loving, gentle hands of a cast of characters that are easy to connect with. One wants to be part of this healthy gang; it is easy to fall in love with one or two of them. She has found an avenue to address these critical issues that must be talked about but without a heavy hammer. A delightful read that will fill you with hope and a forgotten bounce in your step or pedal.”

—Chris White, author of Wind, Waves and a Suicidal Boat

Avis Kalfsbeek is author of One More Year, Plastic Plankton, Bike Rock, and Copper Cobra, Books 1 through 4 of the Pedro the Water Dog Saves the Planet series, environmental climate adventure fiction. She has an immense love of nature and can be found with her own water dog, Teo Panadero Pescadero, swimming, hiking, and biking wherever their human and canine feet lead them, especially treasured national parks.

Fiction & Literature
August 25
Elisabet Alhambra Productions
Avis Kalfsbeek

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