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Did you know that the wedding reception is the biggest line item in your wedding Budget? Did you also know that a majority of that budget is your wedding food?

Consider your wedding reception food, menu and service carefully, it will make or break your wedding budget. This guide will help you plan a delicious and personalized reception meal that will not break the bank.

Well researched, over 100 former brides, professional caterers and wedding planners were interviewed in the creation of this guide.

If your wedding food is not well planned, you can waste time, sacrifice quality and waste hundreds of dollars.

This wedding reception food planning guide will teach you how to plan the reception menu and hire a caterer, as well as what you need-to-know about ordering your wedding cake. You will also learn how to avoid making menu planning mistakes and several ways to cut costs including tips on how to DIY the meal as well as the wedding cake.

There is also a wedding planning chapter at the end of this book that covers how to check out your wedding vendors before signing a contract.


Chapter 1 - Why Read This Book?

Chapter 2 - The Wedding Reception Food: What are You Paying For?

Chapter 3 - Planning the Wedding Reception Menu: Beyond Cheese Cubes & Chicken Fingers

Chapter 4 - What You Need to Know About Wedding Food Service

Chapter 5 - How to Find and Hire a Wedding Caterer

Chapter 6 - A Few Red Flags to Watch Out for When Interviewing Wedding Caterers

Chapter 7 - A Few DIY Options if You Don’t Want a Big Catered Wedding

Chapter 8 - Ordering the Wedding Cake

Chapter 9 - Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cake

Chapter 10 - What if You Want to DIY the Wedding Cake?

Chapter 11 - How to Check Out Your Wedding Vendors

December 6
Michelle Ellingsworth
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