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Savor delicious vegan meals with easy recipes that make just enough for two.

Most recipes feed six to eight people, and smaller households are often left with the monotony of leftovers or pricey, unused groceries that end up in the trash. Whether you’re new to vegan cooking or a long-time plants fan, The Plant-Based Pair makes cooking for two people easier and more delicious than ever. Covering everything from simple breakfasts to decadent desserts, these wholesome dishes pack plenty of nutrition into every bite while turning the chore of cooking into a fun date night.

The Plant-Based Pair offers:

* 125 tantalizing vegan recipes that make just enough for two 

* Several 30-minutes or less meals to make

* Great ideas for saving time and money to get the most out of your groceries

* 10 helpful tips for living a happy vegan life

* The most useful, healthy ingredients to have on-hand for making any meal a success

* Practical advice for cooking more efficiently as a team

* Create super satisfying plant-based meals just for two with The Plant-Based Pair

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March 13
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Customer Reviews

ThingsinReview ,

It was just meh

Let me first start by saying I like meat, I like having it in almost each meal I eat of the day. I do also really enjoy my veggies, but unless its a salad I don't think I ever make too many plant based foods. It's just not my thing, I can't get use to the idea of making say shepards pie without the meat, and only adding mushrooms instead. I do really like the concept of meal portions in this book. If its just my husband and I I know that I can make the proper portions of the meal to make it so we're not wasting food. Over all this books just okay for me, I don't think I'll get much use our of it though, we'll see.

TarheelTonia87 ,

Good Cookbook ...Not Just for Vegans

I greatly appreciate that this cookbook has recipes that make portions for 2. I am a single person and get frustrated when I use cookbooks that have portions for 4 or 5 and I have to eat leftovers for weeks. That was a great feature. I am not a vegan, but enjoyed the recipes in this book. The recipes were easy to follow and turned out good. I used a lot of the dishes as sides to a meat dinner but they are filling on their own.

Chelton91 ,

Not A Vegan but good book.

Seems like it has some good recipes in it. I am not a vegan. I wouldn’t care trying to take some time to make some of these recipes in this cookbook. They seem like they are really interesting and fun to make. This book tries to focus on meals that will take you no more than thirty minutes to cook. I am very impressed with these recipes.

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