Publisher Description

This year, 6th grade students from the Springville K-8 school have been working on a book for the Tillamook Forest. Students from Mr. Shedden and Ms. Patrick’s class were assigned an organism that lives or grows in the Tillamook Forest. Some students were assigned a plant, and other students were assigned an animal. Throughout the year, students researched their plant/animal or organism. They used books and websites to find information about their organism. They have each written a nonfiction text and poem. Each 6th grader also painted their plant or animal with the help of Mrs. Ross, a professional artist. Mrs. Ross taught them many different painting techniques and strategies to help improve the quality of their artwork. Mrs. Ross visited the 6th grade classrooms a total of eight times. Each student received art supplies such as a sketchbook and a watercolor palette. Throughout the year, the 6th grade went on six Expeditionary field studies to the Tillamook Forest. These field studies were made possible through the generous support of the Oregon Forest Resources Institute. On March 20, the fourth field study, the students used their sketchbooks to sketch pictures of the forest from their organisms’ perspective. During these field studies, many of the students saw their organisms in their natural habitat, and how their organism interacts with other plants and animals in the Tillamook Forest. Mrs. Patrick and Mr. Shedden’s 6th grade classes have worked hard and persevered to create this book, and hope that it will interest and inform readers about organisms in the Tillamook Forest. 

Science & Nature
June 16
Springville K8
Daniel Shedden