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Joseph Paul is an accountant at his Mega Church but despite its grand success; Joe and his family face financial difficulties which is tearing his family apart. Joe has a passion for expressing morality and wise judgment especially to the youths of his church where he sees them falling into immorality. However, His Churches main interest seems to be collecting tithes and offerings. Trying to get away from the problems in his life Joe takes a mission trip to the Middle East where he is kidnapped. Joe wakes up inside a small city inside a Cave that seems “perfect.” The mysterious city is governed without our society’s materialistic and capitalistic ideals so they don’t have the problems like divorce, unemployment, greed, debt, stress, etc. The leaders of the city base this perfect utopia on the ideas of Plato’s Republic along with having strange unique powers which prevents Joe from leaving the Cave. Joe starts to enjoy his life inside the Cave; he is given a new breathtakingly beautiful wife, a new job, a new paid off house, and all his problems of the world you and I know of are gone! Over time Joe forgets about his old reality from the outside world and assimilates into the Cave’s reality. Joe even starts to believe he was born and raised in the Cave like the other residences. When he comes to realize that his Cave reality is false he must find a way out of the Cave and return to his family before the leaders discover this and try and stop him.

Fiction & Literature
September 24
Joseph Jenkins
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