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Fans of football romance will love this new book in the Play Makers series by Kate Donovan!

Daniel Riga, the controversial head coach of the Portland Lancers, has the same rule for press conferences as for anything else during football season: football only. The man doesn’t even date except in the off-season. So why are these reporters asking about some sociologist who inexplicably called him a zombie in her latest newspaper column? On the Lifestyles page, no less!

Noelle Sharpe is mortified that her words have been taken out of context, since her tongue-in-cheek point was that zombies focus on a single obsession—eating brains—but a brilliant, vibrant man like Daniel Riga should broaden his horizons past football-only. Her attempt at apologizing in print only leads to another round of jokes at the handsome coach’s expense, so she tracks him down for an in-person apology.

As frustrated as he is with this zombie nonsense, Daniel goes wild for Noelle and they end up in bed. Unfortunately, it’s football season, so he asks her to wait for him until the off-season. By now, she’s so crazy about him, and so worried she’ll cost the Lancers their season by distracting him, she readily agrees.

Zombies consume brains. That’s all they do. And Daniel Riga consumes football. That’s all he does. Or at least until Noelle Sharpe writes her way into his life and gives football some serious competition.

Praise for Play Date:

“Sean and Tess’s story pulled me in right from the start and had me flying through the pages in search of what I hoped to be a very steamy happily ever after . . . and I am happy to report I found that . . . and so much more!!”  —Reds Romance Reviews


About the Author:

Kate Donovan is a Niners fan, a wife, a mother, a lawyer, and an author. She has more than thirty books and novels to her credit, publishing in genres including fantasy, historical romance, legal thriller, romantic suspense, and young adult science fiction. Play Calling is the fifth book in her Play Makers series, following Playing for Keeps, Play Date, Power Play, and Playing for Kicks. You can visit Kate’s website at www.katedonovan.com.

August 31
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Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Good read!

This is my first book of Kate Donovan. It was well written and I loved the characters but I admit it took me a bit to get invested into this story. The start and the reason Noelle and Daniel got together just seemed unrealistic to me. I honestly can't tell you if it's because the story turned around or if I just finally got invested in the characters, but I ended up really enjoying the story. This is a good example for me as to why I don't give up on a book if the beginning doesn't snag me. Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised how things turn out.

Daniel, an NFL coach tells all that he is 24/7 football during the season. He eats and breathes football. No women, no family, no holidays. Kinda extreme but ok. Noelle is a sociology writer and mentions this in an article of hers and calls Daniel a zombie. The sports world hears about this and it goes viral. Daniel being all about football starts cutting off press because all they focus on is the Zombie article.

Noelle feels bad about what her article has done and goes to a lot of extremes to try and get people to forget about the zombie comment. They end up meeting, jump into bed together and then Daniel asks Noelle to wait 5 months for the season to be over so they can date. Uh, what? This is where I was actually considering stopping and moving on to a new book. I'm glad I didn't because obviously they don't wait the 5 months or there wouldn't be a story here. Fate started intervening and I'll leave it there. You'll need to read the book to find out what happens.

There are a lot of characters from previous books in this one but it isn't necessary to read the books in order. There is no cheating, no other woman/men drama and a pretty low angst read. ARC provided by NetGalley.

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