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From NYT Bestselling Author, JA Huss, comes the final sexy standalone in the Jordan's Game series. Can a threesome really work? Or does it always crash and burn at the end?

They were never meant to be just two. It was always three. But seven years ago Jordan Wells broke the trust he'd built with Alexander and Augustine and everything changed.

Everyone moved on and got over it. Put the past behind them where it belonged and started new lives.

But now Alexander and Augustine are back—looking for a new game and the final third to complete their threesome.

And they won't take no for an answer.

Jordan Wells is about to play his final game.

Will he win? Or will he be too afraid to try?

June 27
J. A. Huss
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

nikki van horn ,

A must read

Jordan has been playing these games forever. He wants the club that Augustine and Alexander own. They come back to Jordan to get him to fix their marriage in exchange for the club. It all comes crashing down when he finds out the truth about the club he wants and about his mansion. He finds out the truth about the games his father has been playing with him and his friends. It all comes crashes down him and sends him in a spiral until he finds out the truth. Jordan’s story comes together perfectly. Jordan is sexy as hell. At the end of the book you just fall in love with him.

This book has you reeled in from the beginning and I love it. I love how this book kept me guessing. ARC provided by author.

RentasticR ,

We finally get Jordan’s story!

This was so far from what I expected in the last standalone of the Jordan’s Game series. It was definitely steamy and carnal and all kinds of messed up—as what you’d expect from a J. A. Huss novel—but I don’t think I realized how broken and damaged and so lost Jordan Wells truly was until I read this. We may have known him as the game master, but all along, was he really?

When we first met Jordan and have seen his kind of kink, I’ve always wanted to know his back story. I wanted to know what happened to him and what made him the way he was. Because Jordan Wells was a good guy—we’ve been shown quite a few times the things he’s willing to do and how far he’d go for those he cared about—but he does these things in his own screwed up way.

Play Dirty isn’t your typical ménage kind of romance. It talks about the possibility of loving more than one person at one time and being in a plural relationship, but this story doesn’t stop there. There was so much more going on beneath the surface. If you’ve read the previous books in this series, and even the Turning series, you’d already have had a glimpse of Jordan, the lifestyle he’s addicted to, and the huge question mark that is his past. And this book—it gives you an all-access pass to fill in the blanks you’ve had about this guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved getting to know Jordan, but I wanted so much more from this book—I wanted to know more of where that epilogue would’ve led to. For some reason, I felt like I was left hanging after reading that part. Like I missed a couple of chapters. But nevertheless, I was still kept on my toes the whole time, trying to connect, comprehend and put together the puzzle pieces of Jordan’s complicated life, all that he’s been through, and what Alexander, Augustine and Ixion really mean to him.

Wendy LeGrand ,

The Game Master finally plays HIS game!

Once again I am left in awe of the tale that Julie has spun with Jordan's story. I knew from the very beginning of meeting Jordan back in the Turning series, that he was going to be intriguing and complex and that what we saw on the surface was not going to represent even an Nth of who and what he was. You know those pictures you see of an iceberg sticking out of the water which makes it look like it's small and harmless, but then you see the HUGE chunk under the surface that is the most dangerous part? Yeah, that's Jordan.

Throughout this series, we've seen bits and pieces of Jordan in each book, because he's the game master, right? And in each book, I have absolutely marveled at how he has pulled off each of the games he's orchestrated. Heck, with half of them it felt like there really wasn't a game in place at all, that things were just happening to these women, incredible things that there's no way it was planned out, but by the end you discover that yep, that was all Jordan. He planned it all. And in my head I see Jordan, BOOM! huge mic drop, and he walks off into the sunset with a big smirk on his face. Like I said, the game master. Until events start happening in Jordan's life that make him start feeling like HE is being played.

Before I go any further, I want to mention that although this book is a standalone in the series, it would be really helpful if you have at least read Total Exposure: Jordan's Game book 1. A lot of what happens in Play Dirty relates back to events learned about in that first book. Augustine and Alexander, characters we first learned about in Total Exposure, come back to town and want Jordan to be a part of their lives again. But Jordan, the lawyer, wants to know why, after eight years, they've finally come back. Or maybe it isn't lawyer Jordan, maybe it's just Jordan, the guy who screwed everything up all those years ago. And I can't mention Augustine and Alexander without talking about Ixion, Jordan's best friend from childhood. He's back because Jordan needed him to play the Total Exposure game, so is it just a coincidence of timing that they happened to come to Denver shortly after Ixion got there? Is it possible that Jordan will be able to make amends with all three of the people he screwed over eight years ago?

Julie takes the reader on a twisted path of events, things happening that make Jordan question everything at every turn. Why are Augustine and Alexander really back? Have they truly forgiven him for events from the past? What even got him started creating these games in the first place? What is it that he truly wants in life? Can he even answer that question? I admit, I figured this book was going to be one big sex fest between Jordan, Augustine and Alexander. And while there was sex to be had, it was not the focus. The true focus, the whole nucleus of Jordan's story went down a path I was not expecting at all.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when the truths were all revealed. When events from Jordan's past were pulled from the depths of his memory. Making Jordan question everything that has occurred in his life from the time he was a pre-teen. Causing Jordan to see things for what they really were, once he actually focused on them. And ultimately showing him who the true Game Master was. But most importantly, showing him what he really wanted and what he needed for his life to be absolutely complete.

Jordan may have been the Game Master, but Julie is the Story Master! No matter how much I try to predict how a story is going to turn out, I end up being wrong every time! Jordan has been around for quite a few books now, so I felt like I had a (somewhat) good read on him, and I felt like I knew what actions he would take once Augustine and Alexander started pursuing him. Create the ultimate game, one that would have a 100% success rate at getting HIM what he wanted. Is that what ends up happening? The end result is what Jordan wanted, but the path that leads him there is one twisted ride that you have to take for yourself. Strap in and hold on tight!!

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