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This collection of five tantalising teasers will prove that safe sex needn't be boring Escort - Erin Pim A professional escort takes a client for the very first time. Fresh off the orientation for her new job, she’s trained, and ready for the encounter. But, she’s heard stories. Will he be a good client, or a bad one? Grammar Connection - Scarlet Knight After enduring a sleepless night of anxiety, young English teacher Teresa waits at the library for her slightly older, non-traditional student Jesse. This being their last day of summer tutoring sessions, she frets over whether or not to tell him her secret: she's falling for him and wants to see him again. But when he arrives, she begins to notice hints that his feelings might reciprocate her own. Following her heart, she takes a chance, and Jesse surprises her by revealing his own fiery desire. Their connection sparks an intense lust, which they cannot wait to satisfy. Supermarket - Roxanna Cross A young woman enters a supermarket and she's beside herself when one of her weider fetishes kicks in. Unbeknowst to her she has a secret admirer who needs to take matter in his own hands. To so, he must lead her behind the red door. Sex on the Beach - Vivian Gwynn Jeanine's never been one to take chances. She always makes the practical choice, does the safe thing--and she hates it. When she books a frivolous trip to Greece, that’s all supposed to change. She can almost taste the strange, exciting food and feel the warm sunlight of Greece’s famous topless beaches. Until a freak snowstorm traps her in an airport in Chicago, endangering all her plans. But then she meets Scott, a young nudist trapped by the snow, and Jeanine finds out that you can always take a chance--even in a family restroom in a crowded airport. Married Without Children - Megan Morgan Being married usually means the end of condoms--for husband Jared and wife Sarah, when a medical issue forces them to use another means of protection for a while, they're willing to make things work. Sarah gives her husband a naughty, encouraging surprise to ease the blues of strapping up again. Jared quickly finds doing it the way they did in their dating days again isn't so bad after all.

Fiction & Literature
December 11
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