Play Like You Mean It Play Like You Mean It

Play Like You Mean It

Passion, Laughs, and Leadership in the World's Most Beautiful Game

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Publisher Description

No football fan will want to be without the book that delivers pure, unfiltered Rex Ryan—head coach of the New York Jets and one of the most popular, outspoken, well-liked, and widely respected personalities in the National Football League.

Rex Ryan is known for his exuberance . . . and Play Like You Mean It explores every aspect of Ryan’s amazing passion for the game of football, plus the lessons he has learned in leadership and motivation during his years in and around the game. In his own words, Ryan takes readers behind the scenes of the NFL as he shares colorful football stories from his experiences with the Jets and the Ravens as well as his years recruiting players, coaching college foot­ball, and growing up as a child of legendary NFL coach Buddy Ryan. Rex’s unique brand of enthusiasm and motiva­tion comes through on every page.

Most of all, fans will get insider access to Ryan’s headline-grabbing, brutally honest, and undeniably entertaining views on the NFL . . . and the very human side of the larger-than-life athletes who devote their lives to the game of foot­ball. From Ryan’s acceptance of the Jets head coaching job to his success in turning around a team that has long been number two in New York, from his drafting and believing in Mark Sanchez to kicking off the 2010 season with massive expectations (and a target on his back)—this book goes deep, and entertains on every level.

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May 3
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Customer Reviews

Spedbidactor ,

Rex's honesty

Whether you love Rex or hate him, this book gives you some great honest insight on being an NFL coach. He shares tons of stories with the fans that really make you appreciate how much he truly cares about the Jets. As a fan I find myself saying after a loss, "these guys don't care, they get paid tons of cash", but after reading this book, you realize at least the head coach of the Jets cares. The Jets coach, Rex Ryan allows the reader great insight as to why he makes certain decisions during the game and how important winning really is to him. He was brutally honest in this book and there really isn't much more you could ask. The only problem with this book is that it didn't come after a Super Bowl championship, but instead after losing his 3rd and 2nd as a coach AFC championship game. The book was certainly an easy and enjoyable read. I was absolutely recommend this book to any Jets fan, because the insight is great. If you are looking for a book with a coach just ripping players and opposing teams, this is NOT the book you are looking for. Rex really gets to the point and came up with a great book...

Fabec ,


Super Bowl here we come

Dlopez1196 ,

Buy it

I bought it thinking it would be just like his press conferences ("We're gonna win the Super Bowl."). But it actually was very interesting in showing how Rex got where he is today and how much he knows about football. I was surprised at how football-smart he is and I learned a lot about the game. Definately buy it.

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