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A fabulous, fun way to learn piano for young children with some help from an animated penguin.  The first in a series developed by a professional music teacher, it offers instant results while "sneaking in" the music theory and technique.  The system uses a unique color coding system that bypasses the need to read and great results can be achieved with children as young as 3 years of age.  Created as a multi-touch book app, it has clear colorful graphics, photos, audio, video and animations to really teach piano from the ground up.   

Here's what one parent said:

"I really like the “system” – colour coded music sheets, and how easy he makes it to learn music. I also love the fact that he starts of with songs that children can easily sing along with."

Requirements:  a piano or keyboard.  Buying guidelines included.

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May 20
The Musicolor Method
Andrew Ingkavet

Customer Reviews

Never played piano mom ,

Fun, Easy and Intuitive

What a fantastic book to introduce kids to piano. My daughter wanted to learn, but with me being utterly unfamiliar with playing any instrument, I was at loss where to start. This is a fantastic way to teach a novice the basics of piano. It is very intuitive, easy to understand and fun for kids. Armed with the knowledge she gained from this book, my daughter had a real head start when she started to take lessons.
Great introduction to piano for kids, also to see if they will actually enjoy playing before heading into lessons.

ProfLitty ,

Quick learn

I know the target audience is parents and their youngest children, but my 10 year old was therefore able to follow it herself. She felt accomplished in one day. Video segments with tips from instructor are helpful and just the right length for intolerant attention spans. Video segments show peers playing the tunes. Eagerly awaiting Volume Two.

mom in brooklyn ,

Great way to inspire kids to play

This is a fantastic way to inspire kids to play piano! Two of my children take piano lessons from this teacher. My third hasn't expressed any interest. However, whenever he looks at this book, he immediately gets up and tries to play. The method Andrew uses makes it so easy for kids to learn how to play. When they see how good they're getting so quickly, it makes them want to play even more. There's nothing like a bit of success to make kids try harder. The book is detailed, fun and easy to follow for both parents and kids. It's wonderful!

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