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The Playboy Prince has lost his princess…

The hell I have.

It took me this long to find her, so I’m not letting her go without a fight.

Everyone will know just how far I’m willing to go for love.

Just how far I’m willing to go for…her.

As it turns out, love is a stronger motivator than vengeance.

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February 25
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Sankofa Girl

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JustNicole19 ,

Playboy in Peril

So when we last left Xander he was in a precarious situation and I immediately regretted my decision to share my book bae with Imani. I mean look what almost happened on her watch! Regret aside, this duet does not disappoint. The Winston Isles gang feels like family now and I love that we get to add Xander and Imani to the mix. This story has all the intrigue, sexy times, and suspense we have come to expect from Team Winston Isles!

@LisaHines711 ,

Review: Playboy Prince Duet 2: Playboy's Heart

Playboy's Heart by Nana Malone is the second book in her Playboy Royal duet. This concludes the story of Xander & Imani. Picking up with the cliffhanger from book one, bringing us full circle in their initial romance and pulling us into the present with the issues of the royal succession now that their family is no longer in exile. With a little help from their relatives in the Winstone Isles and everyone's favorite security company, this ending was rock solid and absolutely awesome. Loved It! Enjoy!

charlligirl ,


He has demons. Can he outrun them? Will he ever be able to live with them? Or will they conquer him?

"Vengeance is mine" was once said and that has become Xander's motto. But will it get the better of him? He has lived his life seeking revenge and when he gets it, how will he feel? Relief, elation, satisfaction ... But now that he has Imani, his conscience gets the better of him. Is vengeance worth losing the love of your life? And yet, years later, we see the same cycle occurring.

I felt the maturity that Xander has been trying to find at the end of this book. I found the end to be very fitting, and even a little comical. I think he made the right choices based on his family and his needs, both physically and mentally. I think he actually made very good choices in his final decisions. I found it interesting who the successor ended up being. I was truly surprised. I can't wait to read more royals. They really are a fun bunch.

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