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Grant Osprey just had the hottest sex of his life. Sure, they were both in costume, and yes, it was anonymous, but he never expected her to bolt in the middle of the night without so much as a good bye, let alone exchanging numbers. Or names. All he's left with are her panties and some seriously X-rated memories...until he meets his business partner's little sister.

Only Chloe Talley isn't the bold, sexy vixen he remembers. And she wants nothing to do with him.

Cosplay is Chloe's only chance to leave her boring, socially awkward world behind. To forget that she's failing at life and can't be with anyone, let alone a single-father like Grant. But the raw hunger between them is undeniable. With him, she can be a misbehaving maid. A sexy call girl for hire. Each scene pushes Chloe beyond her strict boundaries, until Grant demands the one character she can't play.


Each book in the Gamers series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Changing His Game
Book #2 Playing For Her Heart
Book #3 Tied to Trouble
Book #4 Leveling The Field

August 11
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

-427-auntie-mamma_83_ ,

This series is HOT!!!

Playing for her heart was not only about a love story but also about finding yourself too. I enjoyed these characters & their interactions. It's a refreshing sexy read that had me laughing too. I'd high,y recommend this series to everyone who enjoys to read.

2kasmom ,

Play to win

Chloe Talley hooks up with Grant Osprey at Comic-Con while in character. Their Cosplay turns HOT and they decide to extinguish the flames the old fashioned way. Only he turns up the heat.

Later, Grant meets her in a restaurant while dining with her brother. And again later. They keep meeting like this and he might start to get ideas. If he didn't already have them, that is.

Chloe, and her family, have been through a lot since losing her sister. It has been 2 years and she seems to be the family scapegoat for feelings of all kinds. Can she be selfish and take for her own needs?

Grant just cannot stop thinking of the beautiful and smashing Chloe. It is starting to effect his work too. He wants to see her out of Cosplay and in a real life role. Her brother wants to kill him if he so much as hints at it. What's a guy to do?

This story has so much to offer the reader! It is full of nerdy sayings, angst, humor, satire, lust, and so much more. I found the book was not one I could put down. The characters are so achingly refreshing in a book that has so many surprises and smoking hot sexy times.

***This ARC was given for review purposes only.

Cheryl SDS ,

Romantic with an edge!

Here we are, back in the gamers world. This time it's Grant Osprey's turn to find his HEA. They met at comic con, doing cosplay as Sari and Breck from Aric's Revenge and had that amazing anonymous hook up. While waiting at a restaurant for Ethan, his new magazine partner, who should walk in on his arm but Ethan's sister, Chloe. Only Grant knew her as Sari. SURPRISE!!!

Fantastic story! I love the "wounded soul and the one willing to do anything to make them whole again" story line. So romantic! This one is romantic but with a sexy edge. The fact that Grant is a dad, just gives it a little more depth. I can't wait for Ethan story!

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