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The Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist looks at the life and times of the Chicago Bulls superstar— “The best Jordan book so far” (The Washington Post).
One of sport’s biggest superstars, Michael Jordan is more than an internationally renowned athlete. As illuminated through David Halberstam’s trademark balance of impeccable research and fascinating storytelling, Jordan symbolizes the apex of the National Basketball Association’s coming of age. Long before multimillion-dollar signings and lucrative endorsements, NBA players worked in relative obscurity, with most games woefully unattended and rarely broadcast on television. Then came Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, Jordan’s two great predecessors, and the game’s status changed. The new era capitalized on Jordan’s talent, will power, and unrivaled competiveness. In Playing for Keeps, Halberstam is at his investigative best, delving into Jordan’s expansive world of teammates and coaches. The result is a gripping story of the athlete and media powerhouse who changed a game forever. This ebook features an extended biography of David Halberstam.

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December 18
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Customer Reviews

doug funnie ,

Good, but no Breaks Of The Game

As the title says, his Breaks of the Game led me to devour this book hoping to get as much of an inside picture of the league & its players during the Jordan era.

I found the depth of this chronicle to be lacking in comparison. The writing is much more repetitive and missing are many the author's wry, subtle jabs of the earlier work.

To be fair, perhaps this is largely due to the more well-known and readily available history of the NBA after the boom of the early 80s. Still, the book did not provide as much insight into Jordan's early life, Carolina years, and early NBA career as I had hoped.

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