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Short Story Press Presents Playing For The Devil by JM Scott

Twenty years ago, a band called Sewer Ratz thought they had everything they could ever want. A man named Damon Crowley wanted to sign them and make a record, perform at top places and above all make lots of money and have fame. But one night, the club they were playing in catches on fire and everyone dies except for one person. This person flees New York and finds new purpose in Oberlin. Kansas.

In the present, the same thing happens to another young man with similar circumstances. He, too, was in a band and man wanted to sign the band and make all their dreams come true. Another fire ensues and this young man, Cannibal is the lone survivor. When he awakens, he is driven by the notion that he must go to Oberlin, Kansas and meet a man. On his hospital bed, someone leaves a record from the Sewer Ratz. He doesn’t think twice and heads to Oberlin, Kansas.

Now that Cannibal is in Oberlin and meets Rat. And the two find themselves being riddled with odd people who keep saying in one or way or another that they have to get to Jersey City, New Jersey. The old rocker and the new rocker head off to Jersey City, not knowing what will happen when they get there. Yet, they want answers and they can’t shake the feeling they have to go.

Once in Jersey City, there is one more concert before all hell breaks loose.

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 5
Short Story Press
Smashwords, Inc.

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