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Automotive writer Doug DeMuro is sharing his stories. In “Plays With Cars,” the former Porsche manager covers some of his most ridiculous decisions, like buying an old Land Rover sight unseen, taking a Mercedes AMG station wagon to a rural Georgia dragstrip, and roadtripping across the United States in a Lotus Elise without air conditioning. He’s also reviewed his former cars, which range from a Mercedes G-wagen to a Nissan Cube. Most importantly, he wrote this entire description himself in the third person.

July 28
Doug DeMuro
Douglas DeMuro

Customer Reviews

Willy's Tunes ,

Great First effort!!

Doug Demuro has is obviously a dedicated car nut. His enthusiasm is obvious and contagious. I have owned around 50 cars (and 30 motorcycles) during my lifetime.
Normal people just do not get us, but then again I can’t understand sports (stick and ball) fanatics with all those athletes names to remember along with their “stats”. But that’s another story.
The point is, I get Doug. He’s my kind of guy. I enjoy his series of videos and watch at least a couple per week.
I can imagine if we went out on a double date, our ladies would be end up kind of lonely as Doug and I went on about the driving dynamics of a Porsche 964 versus a 996 or, laugh hysterically about how our beloved classic British Cars almost killed us or, how is it possible Korean cars are completely devoid of any soul.
I thoroughly enjoy his his book; “Plays with Cars” (Perfect title by the way) and I can’t wait to indulge in reading “Bumper to Bumper”.

T1638391 ,

A Great Read for All

As a car nut I frequently go on the obligatory car sites to keep my finger on the automotive pulse. Doug DeMuro wrote a fantastically smart article about the cycle/evolution of cars that was spot on which led me to his entertaining, hilarious and insightful book that looks at what working in the industry and being a true car nut is all about. It's inly fault is that it wasn't long enough. Looking forward to volume II (hint hint Doug)

Eric Dean Harris ,

Thank You

May you write another Book Please.

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