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When Jack saw her, he smiled. “Are you ready to get undressed?”

Sera sucked her lips in tightly. “If I have to. How about you?”

Jack joined Sera at the circular breakfast table while Marc grabbed a deck of cards out of a kitchen drawer before joining them. Marc dealt the first hand of draw poker. Sera got a pair of aces, king high, drew two cards, and got a third ace.

Jack laid his cards down. Two pair, sevens and nines.

Marc threw his cards in. “Beats me.”

She laid her cards down. “But it doesn’t beat my three aces.”

They both made faces but took off their shirts.

It was her turn to deal, and she admired their muscular chests as she dealt, five cards each, face down. She picked up her cards and fanned them. Ace, king high. She drew four and drew another ace. She laid her cards down. “Can anyone beat a pair of aces?” They both threw their cards in.

Marc shook his head. “Damn, beginner’s luck.”

Her brow furrowed. “Hey, let’s not be poor sports now.”

This time they each took off a shoe. She passed the cards to Jack.

She drew one card to four diamonds and didn’t hit it so she took off a sneaker and Marc took off another shoe.

Next hand she drew a third seven, but Marc won his first hand with three jacks. She removed another sneaker and Jack took off his belt.

She won the next hand with threes over nines, full house.

Marc took his belt off and Jack took off a shoe.

“At the rate I’m going, I’ll be naked first,” complained Marc. “What’s going to happen when we’re all naked?”

Jack dealt the next hand. “It’ll be playtime, just like with Annabelle. Remember Annabelle?”

Playtime? Annabelle? “What’s ‘playtime’ and who’s Annabelle?” Sera wanted to know.

Marc’s jaw dropped as utter shock registered on his face. “What are you talking about? Sera isn’t like Annabelle. She’s my wife.”

“I know, Marc, and she used to be my wife. There’s something we need to discuss. Can we go somewhere private to talk?”

“We can go in my study.”

“Let’s go.”

“Sweetheart, would you wait here while Jack and I go into my office?”

She nodded and they left.


Sera walked into Marc’s study and he rose. “Have a seat, please, baby.”

She took a seat in a straight-backed chair and Jack and Marc sat back down. “Would you like something to drink?”

“No, I’m fine. Who’s Annabelle?”

“She’s a girl from college that Marc and I had a relationship with.”

She turned to Jack. “What kind of relationship?”

Jack’s eyes were intense. “Sexual.”

She shifted in her seat. “Both of you were having sex with the same woman?”

Marc took another swallow of Jack Daniels. “Sometimes at the same time. What do you think of that?”

Her palms began to get sweaty. “I’m not sure. What did she think?”

Jack stood and paced. She could see a bulge where a certain piece of apparatus is usually located. “Annabelle loved it. In the end, she would only have sex with both of us.”

“Why are you asking what I think?”

“Because, we suspect, you would like to have sex with both of us. If I’m wrong, I apologize.”

She hadn’t expected that. Some saliva rolled into her windpipe and she started coughing. Marc handed her a bottle of water from his tiny refrigerator. She drank half the bottle. When she’d regained enough composure to respond, she asked, “What if I said I did?”

“First we would stop the charades like strip poker. Then Marc and I would take you in the bedroom and make you feel like a goddess.”

She looked at Marc. “You’re okay with this?”

He nodded his affirmation.

Sera rose. “Then let’s see what being a goddess feels like.”

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