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These stories range from YA-18+ and mainly dwell in the paranormal and fatansy genres, 3 have never been published before. These stories may be disturbing to some and are some are not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.

A Slave's Journey
Deva is a girl from a small tribe. Out one day in the fields she's captured and enslaved. Will she survive her ordeal? Will her master's deed ruin her chances of ever going home?

A Touch of Chaos
The alphas of a prominent wolf pack must choose their next member. Their choices aren't looking good. One small boy catches their eye and loose him in Las Vegas.. Does what happens in Vegas really stay in Vegas?

Neptune's Tribute
Delphina is a pink dolphin. Her pod has to pay tribute to Neptune every year. This year their god has come early to collect! Will Delphina be prepared for this year's offering?

Puss and the Bone of Riches
Puss, the world's grand master thief is sent on a mission to steal the Bone of Riches. Can she do it in time? Or will Valedez, her canine employer turn Puss into one dead kitty?

The Battle for Summer
Twice a year The Oak King and The Holly King battle it out for control of the world. And twice a year the Summer fae and Winter fae help their respected king. Why must the seasons change? Why must friends turn against friends twice a year? What happens when a summer fae dies?

The Ghost of Camp Linnemyer
For thirteen year old Shirley, the harsh streets of Brooklyn, New York are a cake walk compared to what she discovers during her first year at sleep away camp.

The Ryse'dyn Fae
A Sealie on the adventure of a lifetime, a boy sent to capture her for his demented mistress. Can the boy overcome his fear and save the girl he's fallen in love with? Or will he continue to fear mythical beasts and let his one chance at happiness and freedom slip away?

The Tale of Brown Mist
Brown Mist isn't your everyday owl, she's the familiar of a powerful wizard who's been wizardnapped! Join Brown Mist and her unlikely companion, the grey field mouse, Squeaks, as they race against the clock to save her master.

Wake Me
Ever wonder what goes on in a zombie's head? Or why the horde insists on wandering aimlessly? Take a look inside one zombie's head from the time she's bitten.

Fiction & Literature
March 15
Wolf Paw Publications
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