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Enter a world where every fantasy is naughtier than the next

We all need more pleasure in our lives, and these twenty tales reveal the explicit exploits of those who devote themselves to enjoying sex to the full. From wicked wives putting on a show for their lusty husbands, to sex in the great outdoors, intimate seductions, wild one-night stands and kinky games of dominance and submission, you'll find stories here to tease and please you.

Surrender to the ultimate in pleasure.

Finger Music by Kay Jaybee

The early arrival of one part of the jazz trio due to play at the restaurant where Sally works, transfixes her. The dance of his fingertips over the fret of his instrument wreaks havoc with the waitress's imagination, as she mentally replaces her body with the expertly plucked double bass. When the musician asks Sally if she would like to try and play, she soon learns how it feels to create beautiful finger music.

Watch Me, Watch You by Lynn Lake

Catherine is into voyeurism. She watches a neighbour pleasure himself, while pleasuring herself; shows off her form to a dirty window-washer staring in from the outside; encourages her boyfriend to jack by the public pool, and her husband to f**k their babysitter on-camera, while she watches. Catherine just can't keep her eyes to herself.

Read My Lips by Elizabeth Cage

Becky doesn't want a boyfriend and she's not sure she wants sex after her last guy cheated on her; big time. So when her good mate Maz sets her up with the enigmatic Kyle, she is initially annoyed. But it turns out that Kyle has a special talent, which Becky soon discovers when they agree to an unusual businesslike arrangement. She gets the chance to explore and enact her most thrilling and edgiest fantasies. Has she got the nerve to follow it through? When it comes to intense, mind-blowing satisfaction, it seems no words are needed

A Woman of Pleasure by Izzy French

Natalie is...

July 12
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