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While on the trail of a madman, Antonio Starabba finds something unexpected—the killer’s next victims, tortured, in pain, but alive.

Leila and Karl are both members of The Masters’ Admiralty, the same powerful secret society Antonio is sworn to defend as a security officer—aka assassin. Rescuing them means letting the killer escape, and once they’re safe, Antonio is overcome with a deep need to protect them, and takes them to one of his family’s villas to rest and recover.

As the weeks pass feelings develop between the three of them, but there’s a problem. The killer is still out there, eluding capture, and he’s made it clear that his next victims will be Leila, Karl…and Antonio.

November 13
Farm Boy Press
Farm Boy Press

Customer Reviews

Missy@Bookgasms ,

Buckle in for another wild ride!

Just when you think a series cannot get any better, Pleasure’s Fury steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park!

I so enjoyed the romance that bloomed between Antonio, Leila and Karl after Antonio somehow figures out where Leila and Karl have been kept when kidnapped and tortured. That while trying to then capture the killer, their friendship developed into so much more. Something so amazing and wonderful that came from such a horrible, horrifying situation.

I loved how they learned to trust each other. To lean on each other when needed. And to love. Really love! Sure, they still have their issues—their secrets—but wow, these “organically grown” triads are just so much fun to see how they all connect.

I’m super excited for the next book in the series—appears to be a bit of a cross over into the Trinity Masters and I cannot wait!

meggie_pie ,

Incredibly Hot and Intriguing

Leila, Karl, and Antonio are three of the Masters Admiralty. Their love and devotion towards each other, their countries, and their cause will get them through anything.

Filled with heartache, lust, hot sex, comedic snide, and terrifying plot twists; this book will seriously keep you going for more! Mari Carr and Lila DuBois sure do know how to keep a person enthralled. I cannot wait for the next one!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

LisanneH ,


With is an intense action packed thriller with a helping of steam.
Karl is being held captive and tortured.
He calls him Six.
He’s joined by Leila and they are both held.
They are both in the same super secret society. Anthony comes looking for Leila, well for Six, but he rescues Karl and Leila.
Action, mystery and suspense.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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