Ploughshares Spring 2015 Ploughshares Spring 2015

Ploughshares Spring 2015

Fleur Adcock and Others
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Publisher Description

The Spring 2015 Transatlantic issue of Ploughshares, edited by Neil Astley. Ploughshares, a journal of new writing, is guest-edited serially by prominent writers who explore different personal visions, aesthetics, and literary circles. 

Acclaimed publisher and editor Neil Astley, founder of Bloodaxe Books, guest-edits this special transatlantic all-poetry issue, featuring poets from North America, Great Britain, and Irelandm. The issue contains a stirring diversity of work, with writers who have roots everywhere from Guyana to Pakistan to Zambia, and also features poetry in Welsh, Irish, and Scottish Gaelic. Much of the work is from accomplished British poets who are still little-known in the States. As Astley writes in his introduction, the issue aims to break down "the illogical divide between readerships on either side of the Atlantic," and spark a conversation that will enliven and invigorate both poetic traditions.


John Skoyles


Neil Astley


Christina Patterson


Fleur Adcock

John Agard

Patience Agbabi

Dick Allen

Gillian Allnutt

Keith Althaus

Moniza Alvi

Nin Andrews

Simon Armitage

Emily Berry

Sujata Bhatt

Ryan Black

Rachael Boast

Sean Borodale

Marianne Boruch

John Burnside

Matthew Caley

Kayo Chingonyi

Polly Clark

Gillian Clarke

Sophie Collins

David Constantine

Fred D’Aguiar

Nia Davies

Louis de Paor

Imtiaz Dharker

Peter Didsbury

Stephen Dobyns

Maura Dooley

Helen Dunmore

Douglas Dunn

Menna Elfyn

Ruth Fainlight

Vicki Feaver

Elaine Feinstein

Nick Flynn

Emily Fragos

John Glenday

Vona Groarke

Philip Gross

Barbara Hamby

Choman Hardi

David Harsent

W. N. Herbert

Tracey Herd

Rita Ann Higgins

Selima Hill

Tony Hoagland

John Hodgen

Michael Hofmann

Matthew Hollis

Sarah Howe

Andrew Hudgins

Major Jackson

Jackie Kay

Suji Kwock Kim

Michael Klein

Dorianne Laux

Gwyneth Lewis

Luljeta Lleshanaku

Michael Longley

Roddy Lumsden

Thomas Lux

Aonghas MacNeacail

Olivia McCannon

Medbh McGuckian

Jamie McKendrick

Paula Meehan

Anne Michaels

Esther Morgan

Sinéad Morrissey

Helen Mort

Andrew Motion

Paul Muldoon

Grace Nichols

Sean O’Brien

Caitríona O’Reilly

Frank Ormsby

Pascale Petit

Clare Pollard

Jacob Polley

Kate Potts

Shazea Quraishi

Deryn Rees-Jones

Roger Reeves

Sophie Robinson

Michael Ryan

Lawrence Sail

Eva Salzman

Jacob Sam-La Rose

Warsan Shire

Penelope Shuttle

Ciara Shuttleworth

Aaron Smith

Austin Smith

Pauline Stainer

Anne Stevenson

Greta Stoddart

Matthew Sweeney

George Szirtes

Chrys Tobey

James Valvis

Mark Waldron

Ahren Warner

Amy Woolard

Karen McCarthy Woolf

Matthew Zapruder

Fiction & Literature
April 16
Ploughshares / Emerson College
Ploughshares Emerson College

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