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In 1954, the USDA established the Plum Island animal disease center. They were reported to be conducting biological warfare research. It was then reported that in 1994, Russian scientists inspected the island to confirm that the testing had ended. Nothing else was reported to the public about what was being done on the island, until the news leaked that foot and mouth disease had consumed the animals on the island.
The government reported that all of the animals on the island had been destroyed. Then the news about the island ceased until rumors and a few photos of unidentifiable animals started washing up on nearby beaches. Rumors spread about new biological and viral testing being done on the island. This time, the government remained silent on the issue giving no comment.
Then a group of scientists and conspiracy theorists began conducting surveillance of the island, trying to capture video evidence of what may be happening on the island and what agencies may be involved. They began boating around the island, keeping twenty-four hour surveillance on all boats and aircraft going to and from the island. Then the people keeping surveillance on the island began disappearing. The disappearances were being reported to the local authorities, but nothing was being done and the police would not investigate the disappearances, writing them off to pranks.
The group eventually decided to hire an ex-military man to infiltrate the island and try to find the missing scientists and to capture any evidence that he can as to what kinds of research they are doing in the labs on the island. They hired Jacob Williams to go to the island and try to find the missing people. He goes from trying to find some missing people, to fighting for his life, and trying to stop the spread of a contamination that could end the human race.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 30
Michael Williams
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