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She’s a fake-it-til-you-make-it Christian. He’s preparing for ministry. Falling in love turns both worlds plum upside down.

Green Acres newcomer Chelsea Riehl is annoyed. After all, she signed on as an event planner, not to pit plums alongside the mission-minded hippie Keanan Welsh, the only other single on the farm. 

Discouraged by Chelsea’s lack of spiritual depth, Keanan is confused when she offers to arrange meals for the church Alpha program he is co-hosting. Maybe he misjudged her, after all. 

When fake it ’til you make it gives way to a leap of faith, both Chelsea and Keanan have some soul-searching to do. Will getting on the same page spiritually be enough to flip their budding romance right-side up?

"Another deeply touching story!"

"This is absolutely, perfectly everything a Christian novel should be!"

PLUM UPSIDE DOWN is the fifth story in Valerie Comer’s debut series, the Farm Fresh Romances. If you love Christian contemporary romance series that focus on engaging characters, strong communities, and deep faith — clean, wholesome, sweet, and inspirational romances — you’ve come to the right place!

About The Farm Fresh Romance Series

Six idealistic Christian women. One farm on the road to sustainability. No romantic prospects. Or are there?

1. Raspberries and Vinegar

2. Wild Mint Tea

3. Sweetened with Honey

4. Dandelions for Dinner

5. Plum Upside Down

6. Berry on Top

While each novel can stand alone, you’ll enjoy the growth of the Green Acres Farm community if you read them in order. The complete series is also available in two three-book bundles if you prefer!

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All that’s for later. For now?

Why not buy PLUM UPSIDE DOWN today and enjoy a rural Christian romance?

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August 3
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Valerie Comer

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