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While the gorgeous Jon Dark continues to profess his love, cabin boy Will Sharpe is not sure of his true feelings. Will has undergone his initiation and now knows the pleasure of a willing seamen or three. Besides, he likes being the center of attention, and he doubts he could ever give up alpha male Captain Storm's magnificent manhood. He knows he wants the Captain to take him as his submissive, hard and without protection.

But everything is about to change when the pirates board a foundering galleon and take the crew prisoner. Will is going to discover that he’s not the only one who’s been coerced into a threesome  and he’s about to watch for the first time.

Will's relationships will be tested to their limits - in more ways than one.

This book features gay back door antics, first time escapades, ménage trysts, voyeurism, autoeroticism, oral and a smattering of  romance. If that doesn’t sound like something that floats your boat, please don’t board the vessel.


The Captain strides ahead, and I trot painfully after him. He ducks down the companionway and into the narrow corridor below deck. The ship’s layout is not unlike our own and Captain Storm marches straight down the corridor and opens a door that leads to the Captain’s Quarters.

‘Inside, Sharpe,’ The Captain orders.

I step into the cabin. It’s much more sparsely furnished than Captain Storm’s, with only a small desk, a tiny bed, and a table and two chairs (all fastened to the floor). There are a few letters on the desk, but otherwise no adornment whatsoever.

I’m so intent on studying the room that I barely notice that the Captain has shut the door behind us until his hand comes down firm and warm on my shoulder. He moves close behind me until his broad chest presses against my back, his hot breath tickling my neck.

‘I have a job for you, my cabin boy,’ he growls. The desire in his voice is barely contained, as is the desire in his pants, which I can feel straining against the material of his breeches and digging into the soft flesh of my cheeks. 

I shiver at the feel of my powerful Captain so close to me. His smell envelops me, a rich scent of exotic spices, mingled with scent of fresh sweat and raw leather, sending me into a frenzy of desire all of my own.

He shakes his tri-cornered hat onto the floor and his mouth comes down, hot and wet on my neck, sucking and kissing. His stubble tickles me, and his dark curls trail across my face.

I lean my head back and shudder with delight. I drink in this moment, a moment where the Captain’s attention is all on me. It is what I have longed for.

The Captain’s strong hands grip my shoulders and he spins me about so that we are facing one another. He grabs my face with both hands and his mouth claims mine.

His kiss is ferocious and powerful, just like him, and I am swept away beneath it, caught up in an ecstasy I cannot describe. He takes ownership of my mouth with that kiss, his tongue exploring my depths, his hands pulling me to him, forcing me to submit to his will.

All too soon, the kiss is over, and the Captain pulls away. His face is filled with lust, and I am panting hard. In that moment, I am his completely. Anything he asks of me, I will do.

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March 23
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