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Pats fifth book is a book of poems based on the lives of people in the Bible. She hopes these Bible poems will in some way bring to life information about each person, their faith, their strength, and for some, their failings.

Just wherever the spirit has led her has been her way.

She does not profess to be a Bible scholar. Her aim and hope is to use any talent she possesses to glorify God.

She didnt start out with a plan about which person she would write about first. In the beginning, it was going to be about lives of women in the Bible, then it branched out to the men also.

Many times she would hear a sermon or her sister or a friend would mention a Bible person, and she would then write a poem about that person.

Or when writing about a particular person, she would then feel compelled to write about their spouse or someone connected to them.

Her information was collected from the Bible and other sources.

To make the verses all rhyme and still tell the story was another challenge. Her hope was to make it more interesting for a novice or for young people to understand.

Many in this country have turned their backs on God. We have even been told, This is not a Christian nation.

Believers in God have made this country great. Millions of lives have been sacrificed for our freedom. Sadly, as in the book of Jeremiah, we have become a divided country.

Pat believes only if we turn back to God will our country remain great and free.

May the pleasure of reading these poems about lives of people in the Bible bless each reader and bring to life the story of each Bible character.

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May 14

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