Poetry of Redemption Poetry of Redemption

Poetry of Redemption

An Illustrated Treasury of Good Friday and Easter Poems

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God’s eternal redemptive plan came to fruition in the events of a tumultuous handful of days. In the two thousand years since, believers have sought to express the horror of Christ’s crucifixion, the joy of his resurrection, and the wonder of the personal and eternal implications of both.

The works of poets and hymnists unite with the poetic testimony of Scripture in this anthology. Forty meditative readings present their work alongside literary explanations from author Leland Ryken. Accompanied by beautiful images produced by artists through the ages, they are designed to fix our thoughts on God and the spiritual life and to awaken our religious affections. Rather than merely recreating the events, these psalms, hymns, and poems lead us to analyze their spiritual meaning and prompt us to respond with heartfelt praise and adoration.


“The poems, hymns, and passages in this volume do more than remind readers of Holy Week’s events: they take us there. Here we walk with the crowds toward Jerusalem, sit with the disciples near Gethsemane, stand with Mary on Calvary, and run with Peter toward the empty tomb. A slow, meditative reading of this beautiful book holds the potential to make this Holy Week feel something like the very first, when the world was covered in darkness—and then burst into light.” 

—Scott Hubbard, Editor, Desiring God

“As the beautifully illustrated emblem books from the early days of the printing press and the spiritual journals of the Puritans sought to do, Leland Ryken helps us to meditate deeply on God’s Word by engaging our imagination, our understanding, and our will. By not only putting forward these ‘songs, hymns, and spiritual songs’ but also guiding us through them, Professor Ryken leads us into profound devotion on the saving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.” 

—Gene Edward Veith, Emeritus Professor of Literature, Patrick Henry College

“Leland Ryken does it again with this wonderful meditation on Holy Week. Through carefully selected poems and images and insightful, accessible commentary, Ryken takes us on a spiritual and aesthetic journey into the agony and the ecstasy, the power and the paradox of Christ’s betrayal, crucifixion, and resurrection.”

—Louis Markos, Professor in English and Scholar in Residence, Houston Christian University

“Leland Ryken is a master anthologist with an encyclopedic knowledge of devotional poetry and literature. Now he hones in on the literature of Holy Week with a rich feast designed to help us to contemplate and meditate on the wonders of Christ’s death and resurrection.” 

—Gregory E. Reynolds, Editor, Ordained Servant: A Journal for Church Officers

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