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It's funny how differently we view life when we're young.

Everything feels possible- limitless.

If only things could stay that way forever.

Then maybe life wouldn't be so complicated.

Maybe Jace would still be the same ten-year-old boy I fell in love with.

Maybe I'd still be that same girl too.

The girl who believed that there wasn't anything we couldn't overcome.

But I'm not that girl anymore.

Time has beaten me down, broken me, taken everything from me.

And it's taken even more from Jace.

I naively believed that I could save him­…

From his dad. From his anger. From his addiction.

And I nearly died trying.

It's taken me four years to rebuild my life.

To piece my shattered heart back together.

But it all goes up in flames the moment I find myself face to face with the one person I never thought I'd see again.

He's determined to prove he's changed.

I'm terrified to let him try.

Because no matter how sweet it tastes, with Jace Matthews you never truly know if what you're drinking is poison or wine, until it's already too late.

Poison & Wine is a complete standalone, second chance romance.

December 11
Author Melissa Toppen
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

LisanneH ,

He’s the poison

He chose drugs over her.

And I had a hard time with Jace, an addict who left Oakley by the side of the road while he fled. He was driving, of course. He spent their years apart high and drunk.

Oakley, meanwhile has had a hard road and raising their daughter with out any help from Jace.

Jace really is poison and hasn’t put in the work for recovery. He also shows little remorse.

What I did like. Well written. Told in past and present.

Tammyemd ,

Must read

This is one of my favorite stories by Melissa Toppen. She has written a very realistic story that people can relate to. This book is so unlike any other and will have you instantly hooked. This is a second chance love story between Oakley and Jace. Oakley is a young mom with and ex-boyfriend, Jace who has a drug problem and is going to rehab.

Angelfoll ,


Poison and wine

Absolutely amazing story.

This one hit very close to home and probably will for many. However the first few chapters in I actually messaged Melissa asking her if she had been in my head. If I had told her a similar story. This was a heartbreaking journey with so many truths. It’s reality and it hits your heart hard. Oakley and Jace took me on a roller coaster of emotions. I loved their journey. I loved this book. My heart was heavy but full.

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