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If you want to win more than you lose now... if you’re looking for just a few more “pro tips” to take your game to the next level... then, this book was written just for you.

The popularity of Texas Hold em’ is growing so fast simply BECAUSE it’s so easy to get started… learn a few things… and have a great time (heck you could even make some money!)

In fact, you only need a few things to start holding your own at the poker table (online or off)…

- A basic understanding of the game…
- A good poker face…
- A little luck…
- A desire to have fun…
- And a willingness to learn from your mistakes… and… listen to the “old pros” who can teach you a thing or two!

In fact, there are only a few key tricks and tactics that can make you TEN TIMES better as a poker player once you know them.

Here's just some of what's inside:

- All about Poker -- Why poker is such a popular game and how to prepare yourself for playing (plus, a complete description of card hands and their strengths)
- Texas Hold Em’ 101 - yes, this is the world's quickest and simplest "get up to speed" guide on playing winning Texas Hold Em’.
- Your poker face -- The most important part of poker -- making sure your face, body language, and game play aren’t going to give your opponent any advantages!
- How to not look like a complete beginner -- Here, laid out for you in simple “what to do” and “what not to do” steps is everything you need to know to not look like a “fish” and get taken (or embarrassed!) when playing a live game
- Online Poker VS Live Games -- Discover which type of play is more suited to your style so you’re more likely to take home the winnings!
- The 2 things you absolutely must have... if you want to succeed at poker consistently and take the pot!
- 5 Tips to make it easier to win… especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have much experience
- How to handle “bad beats”... and continue playing through poor hands without getting frustrated and making mistakes that could cost you the game!
- Are you making this game killing mistake when you post a blind, raise, re-raise or call? Most poker beginners are and it can easily cost you the game!
- Why Hollywood will get you killed in poker... If you try copying how they play by overusing this one strategy.
- All about “tells”: How to train yourself to discover your opponents tells so you’ll know with laser-like accuracy when they have a good or bad hand (includes 7 common tells your opponent might have and how to keep yourself from giving too much away)
- How to guarantee you’ll never lose more money than you want. Follow these simple, bullet-proof rules and you’ll never lose more than you want ever again!
- Why being able to calculate pot odds may NOT be the most valuable skill in poker… and what you should probably focus on instead!

This just scratches the surface of what's in this book. It gives you everything you need to know to really get better at playing poker... FAST! TODAY!

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