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Ponzi Scheme 

Sean Murphy is a wise cracking, politically incorrect, FBI agent working in the Washington D.C. office. He is a leftover relic from an earlier era at the Bureau. Much to the chagrin of those in charge, he is a hero, having recently saved the Pope from a death plot. 

As his reward, the director has reluctantly made him a consultant on a special internal assignment. There isn't much to do in his new position leaving Sean at lot of time to decide if it's time to retire. The only string, and it is a large one, is that Sean is provided with an assistant of dubious character and FBI record. His job is to mentor her. 

Meanwhile, Sean's wife, Maureen, inherits an estate from her aunt. The inheritance includes a large farm in Ireland. The subsequent trip abroad leads Sean into the first of many run-ins with his assistant. 

While helping his wife choose an investment advisor Sean learns of a potential Ponzi scheme. The suspected perpetrators, Miles and Andrew Brown happen to be his wife's first choice to use as financial advisors. 

Sean is forced to enlist the help of his assistant to determine if there is indeed a Ponzi scheme in the works. With great reluctance he is forced to use her again to help his investigation. His assistant however has her own agenda. 

The story deals with international finance, government insurance and the manipulation of people and their money. Greed drips from the pages of this book. The story is filled with unexpected twists and turns, murder and double dealing. The surprise ending is a surprise that will come too soon for Sean Murphy fans.

Fiction & Literature
December 21
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Robert Burson

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