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The Academy of the Cueing Arts is the Premier Leader in World Class Cue Sports Education & Training since 1991. www.billiardinstruction.com

Timothy J. White, known as the “Oyster”  is an International BSACA (Billiard Sanctuary Academy of the Cueing Arts) Master Instructor with outstanding teaching credentials, award winning designer and founder. 

Volume 9 - Evaluation/Final Exam.  This is it! The final Volume in addition to gaining insight into prior or existing initiatives, is to enable reflection and assist in the identification of future change. We will begin by working together in the final video analysis in order to fine tune any needed adjustments as well as solidify your new ritual. For those who wish to continue into instructor training this is a prerequisite. Next is the 100 question final exam which included questions from all eight previous Volumes. And finally your graduation certificate. Congratulations!!!   

Official BSACA Certification Training

Honorable Mention Award by Billiards Digest

Featured on the cover of Pool & Billiard magazine

Any higher level integration of knowledge requires the dismantling of previous beliefs and habits. Within the KIP - “Knowledge is Power” course, we will disassemble lifelong perceptual stigmas and build clarity to each piece of the puzzle, step by step.

Thoroughly designed with passion and creativity, this text-book series is perfect for anyone and everyone with a desire to learn the cueing arts. For Beginners, Experts and Everyone in between. Where learning is fun and exciting for all players.

With unparalleled teaching techniques, discover cutting-edge skills that will catapult your game well beyond your wildest expectations. Transform into a whole other dimension as you absorb the brilliant knowledge of one of the finest teachers known today. 

Sports & Outdoors
August 7
Academy of the Cueing Arts
Timothy White

Customer Reviews

Pete 500 ,

Academy of the Cueing Arts

Exceptional ! I’ve played the game for 50 years, and know anyone who comes across the information in this course will save years learning it on their own. It was an educational experience , well worthwhile . A+

JSZ72 ,


I found the graphics and videos most helpful.

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