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The Academy of the Cueing Arts is the Premier Leader in World Class Cue Sports Education & Training since 1991. www.billiardinstruction.com

Timothy J. White, known as the “Oyster”  is an International BSACA (Billiard Sanctuary Academy of the Cueing Arts) Master Instructor with outstanding teaching credentials, award winning designer and founder. 

Volume 2 - Perfect Motion: Here you will assemble the fundamental pieces of the foundational puzzle - the basics! Follow that up with the precision motion of the mechanics of the stroke. Every skill in fine detail will carry you into the correct and out of incorrect ways of every part of the stroke using corresponding human anatomy graphic animations. Entertaining analogy stories are peppered throughout to keep you at peak learning. Unfolding the why’s and how’s you will learn the Cueing Arts like you really never thought possible.

Official BSACA Certification Training

Honorable Mention Award by Billiards Digest

Featured on the cover of Pool & Billiard magazine

Any higher level integration of knowledge requires the dismantling of previous beliefs and habits. Within the KIP - “Knowledge is Power” course, we will disassemble lifelong perceptual stigmas and build clarity to each piece of the puzzle, step by step.

Thoroughly designed with passion and creativity, this textbook series is perfect for anyone and everyone with a desire to learn the cueing arts from beginners to experts. This is where learning is almost most fun than playing.

With unparalleled teaching techniques, discover cutting-edge skills that will catapult your game well beyond your wildest expectations. Transform into a whole other dimension as you absorb the brilliant knowledge of one of the finest teachers known today. 

Sports & Outdoors
July 29
Academy of the Cueing Arts
Timothy White

Customer Reviews

AGW1976 ,

Life changing journey

Hands down, the very best of what is being taught today. Really awesome presentation explained ever so clearly. Like nothing else out there. Very easy to understand. My level has improved dramatically…more than I ever expected. I highly recommend.

Dougher ,


Do you ever visit pool events and meander through the endless array of venders? Do you gaze upon the seemingly endless procession of gizmos and gadgets? Can you weed out ineffective products, while watching for others that are new and innovative? Today’s innovative products set a stage with new, informative and mentally challenging concepts. Innovative products guide with imagination and change your game by increasing your level of skill obtained represents the return on your investment. A learning product should induce advanced knowledge and understanding into your mental and physical game.

I am always searching for new information and this fit perfectly right into my needs. Usually, everything is routine, this is how you hold the stick, this is how you hit the ball and this is a trick shot you will never figure out! The Oyster is very knowledgeable, speaks clearly and intelligently in the video segments and most of all I sat up tall and really began to take notice. The more I learned the more interesting it became. The techniques shown were awesome and the philosophy is totally new, wow! The Oyster gets into your mind and explains what we need to see and feel as we learn. He explains how the muscles work in relation to the brain and methods to build consistency. Speaking as a teacher, I personally love new approaches to old problems. These new textbooks are fresh, clean and exciting!

JSZ72 ,

Work of Art

Nothing like it on the market. Fantastic!!

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