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The four sons of Igwe Zik Achike are partying at the pool in the family estate.
Although Kurt Achike is engaged to Abomeli, he’s still not sure she’s the one
Leke Achike flew in from Kenya to attend the party and support Kurt but instead ends up mediating in some family drama and conducting a unique job interview.
Jon Achike-Scott is on vacation and wants to have fun but his ex-wife, Valentina aka Sister Do Good, keeps nagging him and he can’t stop thinking about an old flame.
Toke Achike believes he’s reformed, no more cheating on his wife for him… until he sets his eyes on delectable Towumi, Abomeli’s friend.
This party can’t be a simple, boring event. Not when Zik and his four sons are the hosts…
An Unexpected Match, Book 1 of the Sons of Zik Series will be out in 2017

Introducing the Sons of Zik
Kurt Achike, the eldest of the Sons of Zik and owner of a nightclub, is part Nigerian and part German. Even though he really believes he wants to get married, he just can’t bring himself to take the final step to the altar. Kurt is featured in Book 1 of the Sons of Zik Romance Book Series.
Tall and dark Leke Achike takes everything seriously, including dating. For now, he’s focused on his bodyguard business and has no time for a wife. Leke also has a secret. One he doesn’t want his family to know about. Leke is featured in Book 2 of the Sons of Zik Romance Book Series.
American, grey-eyed single father Jon Achike-Scott is Zik’s adopted son. He’s a brilliant cardio-thoracic surgeon but when he’s not working, his motto is: too many women; too little time. Jon is featured in Book 3 of the Sons of Zik Romance Book
Toke Achike is a father of four, a state commissioner and a happily married man… except for the moments of weakness when he indulges in extramarital affairs.

October 21
Areta Nwosu
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