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What if Ben Franklin came back to life? What if everything depended on it?

Poor Richard's Lament is "A re-imagining of Benjamin Franklin you will not soon forget..." says Walter Isaacson, author of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, and Steve Jobs. But this is also more than a re-imagining of Franklin. It is a re-imagining of America itself. Where did the cultural legacy of Ben Franklin go wrong? We come to understand this, even as Franklin himself comes to self-realization in this book, during his contentious 'celestial trial' and during his dramatic reintroduction into 21st-century America. 

Interwoven into Ben's story is a second, beginning in the red-carpeted parlors of the West Wing of the White House and ending in the blood-stained streets of West Philadelphia. Eventually, the parallel stories collide, like massive tectonic plates, in a stunning series of shocks and aftershocks. What emerges is the opportunity for a profound understanding of our culture and the chance for a better country.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 17
Hobblebush Books
Sidney L. Hall, Jr.

Customer Reviews

bibliophile24 ,

Funny and Yet Thought-Provoking

Tom Fitzgerald's Poor Richard's Lament is not what I expected. From the cover I expected a political statement to dominate the novel. There is political commentary for anyone who cares to look, but there is so much more than that. Fitzgerald obviously admires Franklin, but makes sure he doesn't idolize him; Franklin's flaws are prominent and interesting. This is an intelligent read and an entertaining one as well.

penguinbackpackgirl ,

Can America Be Saved?

Poor Richard's Lament: A most timely tale is a novel that not only imagines how one of America's most iconic founders would react to being in our time, but also provides a commentary about the evolution of American society and social norms. Ben Franklin has been sent back to modern America to observe, and hopefully save, the nation he helped to build. Throughout the novel Franklin encounters a variety of charters that allow him to reflect on his past life and hopefully receive redemption. The story is serious and heartfelt, but replete with humor and wit that is sure to entrain also anyone. From history buffs to those interested in a good read, Poor Richard's Lament is a novel that doesn't disappoint.

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