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After building a wonderful relationship with his daughter, a man tells of how his child was unlawfully abducted by her mother and he is legally unable to do anything. For years he enjoyed joint custody until he returned from a job only to find that mommy packed up and moved far away. Obeying all the orders given by the Judge was to no avail. Much of his documented evidence wasn't reviewed and seemed to be a waste of time. Orders from five court appearances meant nothing. Local authorities wouldn't help so he conducted an investigation. After he had proof of where his child was, detectives did not assist. He was forced to accept being helpless and that he would not see his daughter for several years.

When a kidnapping occurs as a result of false accusations or the mishandling of a case, the wrongly accused person becomes the victim. They can remain incapacitated for a long time. Normal activities in their life become secondary. Relationships, friendships become difficult to form. If a person is guilty of a crime, they'll usually try to run or hide to avoid getting caught and go to jail. An innocent person will not run and put up a fight. There are specific child custody laws set in place to break and defeat those who battle this system.

Some aren't aware of the oppression one must endure when drawn into a vicious child custody battle where domestic decisions are made by a faulty family court. In a malicious litigation, the amount of men who must spend large sums of money, have their reputations slandered, are assumed guilty and receive harsher punishments far outnumber the women.

When the final decision of the hearings is to remove your child, whether it's temporary or permanent, that event will traumatize any parent. This reality is just under your skin and you can find yourself often thinking or talking about it. Your mind will be like a computer that never shuts off with thoughts of what went wrong and memories of the child you lost, continuously being repeated. Now you're on a heartbreaking rollercoaster ride with lots of bumps that seems to go on forever. Not giving up on your child remains the top priority.

February 18
Michael Anthony Publishing
Ingram DV LLC

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